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Energy Benchmarking

Energy is one of the most significant operational costs for buildings and facilities. Measuring and understanding energy consumption is the first step to managing this cost and reducing it.

ThermalWise works with clients to track and assess the energy consumption of individual buildings or an entire portfolio of buildings and facilities. With this ongoing service, a client is able to compare their assets’ energy consumption to national averages and identify underperforming buildings. This helps clients project possible utility savings after energy-efficiency upgrades and conservation measures have been undertaken.


ThermalWise inputs key information into Energy Star Portfolio Manager including:

utility bills dating back at least 12 months, gross floor area, operating hours, and usage information and number of occupants.

This online energy management database then calculates key energy consumption metrics and allows the user to compare them among a portfolio or to other similar-use buildings across the country.


ThermalWise continues to work with clients to help them understand this important information and to realize energy savings.