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Energy Modelling

Accurately understanding a building’s energy consumption, either for an existing building or a proposed design, is key to making financially sound decisions. Building energy simulation modelling allows users to forecast the energy consumption of a building and the effect of different design and retrofit options.

ThermalWise provides energy modelling services to projects ranging from individual houses to multi-unit midrise residential to commercial and institutional buildings.

ThermalWise works with design and retrofit teams to:

create effective building energy models, consult on building envelope and mechanical system energy upgrades, and facilitate design teams to optimize designs or retrofit plans for energy and cost savings.

Building energy simulation software uses building specifications such as the actual or proposed insulation values, HVAC systems, lighting systems, etc. to predict energy consumption. Using these models, designers and consultants are able to compare alternative designs or retrofit strategies for energy consumption performance.

ThermalWise uses a wide variety of energy simulation tools, depending on the requirements of specific projects. We have extensive experience using the following simulation tools:

eQUEST,CAN-QUEST,HOT2000,THERM,WUFI,EE4,BEopt,EnergyPlus, andRETScreen