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Air Leakage Testing

Preventing air leakage through a building enclosure is fundamental for achieving energy efficiency and durability. Quantifying and verifying the airtightness of a building's air barrier system is possible through the specification of air leakage performance targets and the use of airtightness testing.


ThermalWise acts as a third-party independent testing agency for airtightness testing. ThermalWise employs ASTM and CSA standardized testing procedures to quantify and report the air leakage performance of building enclosure components, assemblies and systems.


Airtightness testing is conducted by using fans to induce pressure differentials across a building's air barrier system.

ThermalWise conducts airtightness testing in accordance with:

ASTM E779 – Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by Fan PressurizationASTM E1186 – Standard Practices for Air Leakage Site Detection in Building Envelopes and Air Barrier SystemsASTM E783 – Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Air Leakage Through Installed Exterior WindowsU.S. Army Corps of Engineers Air Leakage Test Protocol for Building Envelopes