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EnerGuide for New Houses

EnerGuide for New Houses is a residential energy-efficiency rating program of Natural Resource Canada. It provides a standardized measure of a new house’s energy efficiency. 

The 0-100 EnerGuide rating scale (zero = very inefficient and 100 = little to no purchased energy required) clearly communicates the house’s level of energy efficiency to an owner, builder, or prospective buyer.

The EnerGuide for New Homes rating system has three essential stages:

An initial energy analysis and rating of the house plan, resulting in suggestions for energy-efficiency upgrades; On-site verification of the as-built house and an air tightness test conducted by a licenced energy advisor; and,A final energy analysis and labelled rating of the as-built house.

As a licenced service provider for EnerGuide for New Houses program, ThermalWise works with the client through all stages of the rating certification. ThermalWise provides accurate analysis of house plans and realistic energy-efficiency upgrade options. Our experienced energy advisors conduct final inspections and air tightness testing with professionalism.