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Woodman’s Grove

Project Name: Woodman's Grove

Client: Polycorp, ARXX ICF

Location: Wolfville, NS

Services Delivered: Air Leakage Testing, Case Study Development

Project Description: In an effort to continually learn from experience and improve its buildings, Polycorp retained ThermalWise to conduct whole building air leakage testing on a completed multi-unit building located in Woodman's Grove, Wolfville, NS. The purpose of this testing was twofold: 1) Polycorp wanted to establish a benchmark against which to measure future buildings' air leakage rates, allowing them to track their improvement, and 2) Polycorp wanted to develop signage and on-site materials for trades to illustrate the importance of airtight construction practices. ThermalWise assisted Polycorp with both of these goals. ARXX ICF also contributed to the project.

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