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LEED for Homes

LEED Canada for Homes is an environmental certification program for residential projects that is managed in Canada by the Canada Green Building Council. The aim of the program is to transform the residential construction industry by recognizing the best environmental achievements.


As a licensed LEED for Homes Provider, ThermalWise offers LEED  for Homes services throughout Atlantic Canada and we work with project teams on international LEED for Homes projects.

LEED for Homes certifications are conducted by third parties not involved in the construction process. LEED-certified homes consume less energy, water and natural resources. They produce less waste and are healthier and more comfortable for their occupants. This results in lower energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing the pollutants inside the house. The net cost to the owner of a LEED house will generally compare favourably to the cost of a conventional house.

For more information on LEED Canada for Homes please visit the Canada Green Building Council.

Below are a few videos that explain the LEED for Homes certification process and some of the benefits of a LEED-certified home. These videos were produced by the US Green Building Council.