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NSYCC Update – Week 8

Atlantic Green Building LogoIt is hard to believe that we are already at our last day of work at ThermalWise. It has been a lot of fun working here for the past two months, and we have learned a lot! We learned about what techniques to use to make a building more environmentally friendly. We learned about what businesses in Atlantic Canada are environmentally conscious. It is easy now to recognize names of businesses on signs and advertisements around Halifax. We also learned the technical aspects about how a website is created.

Working with NSYCC was a great experience because we got to learn about other environmental projects that are happening across Nova Scotia, and it’s cool to know that we’re part of a larger initiative to green our province.

We believe that the development of the Atlantic Green Building Website was a great success. Only time will tell whether its journey from here will be equally successful. Hopefully it will serve as a useful tool for budding builders and environmentalists. We hope the case studies provide inspiring examples and the rebates section provides financial incentive to motivate those who might not otherwise pursue green building. The site will continue to be maintained by ThermalWise, with updates of products and services, and monitoring of the forum for interesting questions to answer.

Justin & Sara