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NSYCC Update – Week 5

Ecology Action CentreThis past week I worked on contacting people regarding our case study research. I organized a meeting with Maggy Burns at the Ecology Action Centre, and we were able to go to the centre and take a tour and some photographs of their building. I spent some time putting together drafts of case studies of the EAC and the other buildings that we have visited. And our work with the EAC is not done. Next week we are hoping to make a quick presentation to the Built Environment Committee at the EAC to talk about the website.

Although learning about the EAC was very cool, the highlight of my week was definitely the creation of drawings for each of the categories in our database. Not only did it allow me to make use of my artistic ability, but also we were able to avoid addressing copyright issues!


This week I finished the definitions for the glossary, which contains well over one hundred and fifty words. When they were finished, I had to upload them onto the website. Unfortunately they had to be added one by one which is quite tedious, but I’m glad that it’s finally done and I feel pride looking at the glossary knowing it’s “my baby”!

I’ve also started refining the products that we have researched, and finalizing the products that will be listed on the website. We have developed a set of criteria for each category and sub-category, and it’s now my job to see what fields each product satisfies and whether it should be listed or not. This requires a lot of follow-ups as lots of companies are lacking vital information about their products online!