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NSYCC Update – Week 1

2010 NSYCC Summer CrewOur first week on the job was spent in Debert, NS, where we attended a three-day training camp. While there, we were certified in First Aid, OHS, and WHMIS for our new jobs. We also attended many presentations related to the environment. We had plenty of spare time to meet with other crew members from the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps and learn about other green projects that were being done over the summer in every corner of the province.

Fast-forward to Monday, July 5th and we were at our first day on the job. We settled into our upstairs office at ThermalWise, which grows more and more comfortable every day. We were initially overwhelmed with our task for the summer, to help create the database for the Nova Scotia Green Building website, but progress is being made at a steady rate and we’re feeling significantly more comfortable with the material than we were four days ago. Our list of green products and services available to residents of Nova Scotia and other Atlantic provinces continues to grow hourly. Our goal is to have this website up and running by mid-August.

In the coming weeks, we will be performing case studies on green buildings in Halifax. These will be done by performing field visits and conducting interviews with the project managers. The case studies will be available on the website when it is opened to the public. When the website is completed, we will be showcasing it to community groups to promote awareness of the site and to show what can be done to promote energy efficiency in their houses or offices.

Sara & Justin