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NSYCC Summer Crew Update – Week 5 VideosWe created a video for the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market that turned out really well! We were worried it may not look as good as the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute video because we were not able to get a video interview with the project manager, but we proved ourselves wrong! We wrote out a script introducing the building and an overview of each the green features, we then recorded in the office to avoid having any background noise. We spent a while editing the audio clips and video clips. Then we overlaid pictures and video pan shots with the audio we recorded. The video is up on our website in the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market project profile section. Since the video turned out so well, we applied the same process and format to the Centre for the Built Environment and the Mona Campbell Building. The videos for them are up in their respective project profile section.

We did some researching into methods to incorporate a google map into the product listing site and Jordan is working on getting that set up for us. We have started creating a list of product origins for the web page this week.  This list will provide the addresses where products listed on the webpage are manufactured. This is different than the purchasing locations we have listed on the web page now. We will use this data to populate a map of product origins. This map can be used by builders to find regional materials. We are about half done going through the products and expect to finish next week.

We have been preparing for the site we have planned for Monday to Nova Scotia Agricultural College’s TREEhouse in Truro, NS. TREE stands for Technology for the Responsible use of Energy and the Environment. We’ll update you on the cool green technologies it has next week so check back then!

Fin & Laura