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NSYCC Summer Crew Update – Week 3

Things are getting rolling at ThermalWise! Our main goal this week was to begin contacting potential new case studies, and to follow-up with existing studies. This summer, we are focusing on occupancy within green buildings, and are very interested in those who work/live in the buildings that have already been profiled. To help us with these interviews, we designed three new surveys to guide our process. It was interesting to consider the different ways occupancy can be approached; whether one is looking at how people feel about the green features of their building, how they interact with these features, and/or how they can maximize their efficiency, there are many angles to ponder. After verifying contact information, we began emailing previous case studies to see if they are interested in being a part of our new project. It looks like we will be visiting the Ecology Action Centre, and speaking with the architect in charge of the Joggins Fossil Centre next week.

While tracking down contact information for potential new case studies, we began speaking with Lara Ryan from the CaGBC Atlantic Chapter. Jordan met with her to discuss pooling our resources. We are happy to report that Atlantic Green Building will be sponsoring the Atlantic Chapter’s AGM in the Fall and we will be collaborating with the Atlantic Chapter to produce even better project profiles of LEED certified buildings.

In between these exciting developments, we updated the contact information, rebates, and links for We also developed a pamphlet that has tips, tricks and info about green building, and is a resource that we’ll use this summer to make the idea of retrofitting your home a less intimidating task. We’ve designed two stickers; one for the general public, and one to place in the profiled buildings. We’re interested to see what the graphic designer comes up with for these media tools!

With the help of our new favourite concept, the conservation pyramid, we began researching for our informational videos. We are planning on producing at least 10 videos throughout the summer that highlight the order in which green retrofits should be done to best utilize time and money. They include getting a home energy audit, replacing old appliances, navigating the confusing world of insulation, and knowing when you are ready to switch to alternative forms of energy. These videos will be posted on YouTube, and attached to the ThermalWise Facebook page, so watch for these as the summer progresses!

To prepare for our interviews, we took to the streets of North End Halifax and attracted a lot of interesting attention, including one individual who thought we were plain-clothes parking enforcement officers. We assured him that we are not, and directed him to consult the AGB website for all of his home energy needs. Later that day, we did our first interview with a homeowner who had made many energy efficient choices when constructing his backyard workshop.

We are extremely excited to begin exploring Atlantic Canada with green building projects!

Wishing you a greener day,

Emma and Melissa