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NSYCC Summer Crew Update – Week 2

Week 2 got off to an exciting start with the return of Jordan from his conference in the States. We reviewed the work plan for the summer and got more acquainted with the workings of ThermalWise. Once we were set up with our ThermalWise emails and the files from the previous summer students we were ready to start working!

The rest of the day was spent exploring potential new case studies for, and possible follow-ups of previous case studies. There are a lot of green buildings in the Atlantic Provinces, and it will be an exciting and interesting adventure to visit and explore some of them! We are looking forward to it. Wednesday we familiarized ourselves with ThermalWise’s video equipment so that we could get a start on making our summer videos. In the afternoon we went with Jordan to observe a blower door test on a building pursuing Passive House certification. It was really interesting so see Jordan and his colleagues try to tackle the challenges of certification; the house was just below the threshold needed for Passive House certification so there was some frustration.

The last two days we spent going through in its entirety to ensure that all the information is correct and up to date. Next we will make the changes that we noted, and will also hopefully start contacting owners of green buildings so that we can get started on our case studies. All in a pretty good week at ThermalWise!
Melissa and Emma