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NSYCC Summer Crew Update – Week 1

Emma and MelissaHi I’m Emma! And I’m Melissa!

And we are the ThermalWise Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps Summer Crew!

Our NSYCC summer got started with out first day at ThermalWise. Jordan was at the ASHRAE Conference in Texas, so Tom started us off with our orientation. We were introduced to the company, and the exciting world of the Atlantic Green Building website. We spent the morning exploring the website with a critical eye, and began brainstorming ways to garner input and interest from the public. After finding the perfect treed area on Agricola Street, we embraced our inner tree-huggers, and took our bio photos.

The rest of the week was dedicated to the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps training camp in Debert, NS. We stayed in the Debert Hospitality and Conference Centre, which is located on an old military base. Our quarters were a curious, yet effective mix between a dorm and a hotel. But, hey, we can’t complain! We were fed and entertained by Clean Nova Scotia for two days! It was a great opportunity to be exposed to the other NSYCC projects and students from around the province. We participated in leadership activities with Paul Schwartz, ate s’mores around a campfire, got First-Aid certified, and discussed Climate Change with Chris Currie. The most exciting part of the camp was getting lost in the surrounding forest; luckily, we could always hear the highway, and it guided us back to Debert.

It was wonderful to meet the new wave of Nova Scotia environmentalists, and we look forward to hearing about their journeys and sharing our experience this summer.


Emma & Melissa