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Climate Visualization

Halifax Dry Bulb TemperatureeSim 2012 ( is currently underway in Halifax. eSim is the biennial conference of the Canadian Chapter of the International Building Performance Simulation Association ( ThermalWise attended this morning's Net Zero Energy House Design workshop put on by Dr. Liam O'Brian of Carleton University's Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering Program. The workshop provided an excellent overview of the strategies, tools and techniques involved in moving designs towards net zero.

While many of the tools demonstrated at the workshop are already used by ThermalWise in day-to-day operations, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about Climate Consultant, a program that visualizes climate data. The resulting visualizations can, in turn, inform the design process. Below is fairly straightforward example what Climate Consultant can output (average monthly dry-bulb temperatures for Halifax charted through the day). We will try to upload some more interesting visualizations here in the future.